Elevate Fire Safety with Darley Fire Protection 

Boasting an impressive two decades of experience in the field of fire safety, the dedicated team at Darley Fire Protection Ltd stands ready to ensure that your commercial premises in the West & East Midlands remains a bastion of fire safety, safeguarding your property and the well-being of its occupants.

A pivotal element of our comprehensive service portfolio is the provision of meticulous fire risk assessments, an indispensable cornerstone in enhancing building fire safety. It’s worth noting that under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, legal obligations dictate that if your commercial establishment houses more than five individuals, a thorough fire risk assessment is not just prudent but mandatory. Regular reviews are equally vital to uphold compliance and elevate safety standards.

At Darley Fire Protection Ltd, we are steadfast in our commitment to fortify your fire safety measures. Whether you’ve recently moved into new premises, require annual fire risk assessment updates, or are expanding your business, our expertise is at your disposal. 

When you trust in us, we’ll look to:

Keen to find out more? If so, we get in touch with our team today. Our seasoned fire risk assessors, who are rigorously trained and certified, are at your service. You can reach out to us via phone at 0800 086 2695. Or, you have the option to conveniently request a quote for a fire risk assessment through our user-friendly online platform.