Does your business require a fire risk assessment?

A fire risk assessment is an important process that helps to identify potential fire hazards in a building or a property, as well as assess the level of risk and implement measures to prevent fires from occurring or to minimise the impact. 

It’s there to ensure the safety of people who live or work in the building or property by identifying fire risks and implementing effective fire safety measures. The assessment process usually involves an extensive review of the building or property in which it identifies potential sources of ignition, sources of fuel and any potential hazards that could increase the likelihood of a fire occurring.

The goal of a fire risk assessment is to identify the steps that need to be taken in order to reduce the risk of fire, and to ensure that appropriate fire safety measures are in place such as fire alarms, extinguishers and evacuation plans.

At Darley Fire Protection our fire risk assessments are conducted by fully certified and trained risk assessors

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As well as fire risk assessments, we also specialise in fire alarm services, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting.

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